Noodledude winner of World PMV Games 2022

World PMV Games 2022 winner

Noodledude is the official winner of the World PMV Games 2022. His submission ‘Kawaii vs Goth’ got the most votes out of 45 contenders. Noodledude will the footsteps of Average Jay, the winner of last year.

Noodledude’s ‘Kawaii vs Goth’ PMV followed the theme of the World PMV Games 2022: versus. With his use of a splitscreen and e-girls, he was able to beat the competition. Digitalfiend (with ‘Slutfighter’) and Mr Candy Man PMV (NO CLASS) rounded out the top three.

Fans had the time to vote between May 14th and May 28th. They had the option to vote for a maximum of three Porn Music Videos, with 45 people submitting their creation.

For Noodledude, this is one of his two awards. Because it’s his debut at the World PMV Games, he also got an award for Best Newcummer. Other special awards went to MortonBridges for Most Creative Theme (Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat) and to Sunny9tzu for Most Technically Challenging PMV (The Future Starts Slow (VR vs 2D).

This is the entire top 10 of the World PMV Games 2022:

CreatorName PMV
1NoodledudeKawaii vs Goth
4EditstarBest Friend PMV: Slutty Girlfriends Battle
5PixelJailKenzie Reeves vs the World
6BigChungoExodus (Purple Bitch vs Reislin)
7AFKFoxHalos Horns Paws n Claws
8♰Noel♰Reality vs Hentai
9NeweyecamAsa is Insatiable
10Cum4MusicBest Friend

You can watch Noodledude’s PMV ‘Kawaii vs Goth’ by going to his website.