What is The Pornfolio?

The Pornfolio is a porn news website. It features the latest porn updates, analysis, lists, reviews and much more. This website features daily updates, so make you check regularly to not miss anything.

Why does The Pornfolio exist?

This website came to mind after realizing how many sites you have to follow, to see what your favorite pornstars and porn sites are up to. This can and must be done more easily, which is how the idea for a porn news site was born.

Where does the name The Pornfolio come from?

This is of course a pun on the word portfolio. As you probably know, a portfolio is a collection of someone’s work to display to others. This site is no different. It is an overview of the most important aspects porn has to offer. This includes news, lists, reviews and many other things.

Where can you follow The Pornfolio on social media?

There are a number of platforms you can find this site on. The most prominent one will be Twitter, but Reddit is another place you can find us. Instagram is also a social media platform where The Pornfolio has an account, but that one is less active. Still, it’s good to know, before you stumble across one that’s fake. You can find all of our social media handles listed below.

How can I share an idea for The Pornfolio?

The easiest to do so is by contacting us. Send us your idea and you will get an answer if and when it will be on this porn news site.

Can I write for The Pornfolio as well?

You can always submit your ideas and articles to our site. However, make sure to give us a heads up by reaching out first to tell us the idea you want to write about. This ensures that you won’t put hours of work into something that won’t see the light of day.

If your work is featured, we will be putting your name or handle in the article, to let the viewer know who’s article it is.

What kind of information can I get about porn websites?

Our reviews about porn sites are mainly about websites, such as Brazzers and Evil Angel. These reviews contain general information, popular girls and videos, a ‘how to’ for subscribing and cancelling a membership, prices for joining and – if available – exclusive features.

What does Dicktionary mean?

This is a pun on – you guessed it – dictionary. It includes the most common (and more uncommon) terms that people use in porn. So if you ever feel lost, or want to quiz your friends, check out our Dicktionary page.