Gooning: everything you need to know

Gooning porn

Most people that watch porn on a regular basis have heard of the term gooning. However, few of them know what it is and can properly explain. But after this, that’s no longer the case.

In this post, you will get answer on what gooning is, where you can find related porn and learn more about the risks involved.

What is gooning?

Gooning is reaching a state of mind after edging for a long period of time. It makes your mind go into a trance-like state, where you get a high out of sexual pleasure. Some may even say to you turn into a sexual, primal version of yourself. The feeling you experience after reaching it, varies on the person. However, some common signs that someone is ‘gooned out’ are:

  • Extreme sexual arousal (from both porn and even your own body)
  • Unable to think straight
  • Having trouble making cohesive sentences (also known as ‘goon babble’)
  • Not wanting to cum anymore, but just staying in this state of mind
  • You start masturbating with your eyes rolling back and your tongue hanging out

So you start gooning after edging for a long time, but exactly does edging mean? Well, edging is getting close to reaching an orgasm, but holding off at the last second. Sounds torturous, but can also be very hot. If you do this often and for a long time, there’s a solid chance you reach the goon state.

Reaching the goon state

The time you need to spend on masturbating and watching porn to reach the goon state is different for everyone. One thing is for sure: you have to think in terms of hours instead of minutes. To make sure you keep things healthy, definitely make sure to stay hydrated! Other thing that help, is living a healthy lifestyle. This include getting enough sleep, having a healthy diet and getting a good amount of exercise.

Something that gives this state an extra dimension, is if you reach the goon state with another ‘jerk off bud’. This can be done online or maybe even in real life.


For some people, it’s easier to get gooned out than others. This can be because of experience, but also because those people are aware of gooning triggers. Or to put it better: they use those to their full advantage. But what are common gooning triggers? There are a couple ones that apply to every gooner.

Bright/neon colours

There’s something about primary colours, pink, purple and green in porn that makes gooning a lot more intense. You often see this in neon bikinis, but also in porn captions. Selfmade pictures with texts that encourage people to keep masturbating.


It’s wet, shiny and often implies that dirtier sex is coming your way. No wonder, because oiled porn is often considered its own category. There are even complete series focusing around oil on sites like Jules Jordan and Brazzers.


More often than not, gooners (and goonettes) and very submissive. Therefore, it is no wonder that Female Domination is something that many gooners experience as a trigger. A hot girl on your screen, telling you how to jerk off and rewarding you by calling you a ‘good boy’ is the result of this.

Big contrast

This is not per se a gooning trigger, but something goes pretty much hand in hand with all of the above. With contrast, we mean a harsh lighting (as you may know of Jonni Darkko’s Evil Angel scenes) or the black and white contrast of interracial porn.


Exaggeration in this case can mean anything. From more extreme sexual acts (gangbangs, anal, double penetration) to pornstars with fake body assets. It mostly boils down to that primal state someone reaches when gooning.

Finding gooning porn

Although gooning is getting more and more well known and popular, it is rare to find porn that leans heavily into the gooning community. Browsing on Pornhub may not be enough this time. In mainstream porn, there’s one major example of gooning, although the term is only briefly mentioned. This is in an Angela White scene, in the Nympho scene ‘The Naughty List With Angela’.

However, gooning is becoming its own fetish in the world of FemDom. If you open a clip site, the best sold videos of the last day, week or month are nowadays a lot about gooning. More and more girls are focusing on this type of content, since they know it will sell like hot cakes. These are some of the performers who mastered the art of creating gooning encouragement clips:

  • Princess Candy Glitter
  • Eva de Vil
  • Princess Miki
  • Goddess Crystal Knight
  • Goddess Poison

There are also some pornstars that are actively reaching out to the gooner community on Twitter or OnlyFans. The best examples are Angela White, Vicki Chase and Larkin Love, who has her own ‘Goon School’ series on OnlyFans.

Is gooning dangerous?

Because gooning is relatively new, it is not clear if this causes physical or mental damage in the short or long term. However, there is a part of this that is more harmful than you think. Gooners often fetishize and sexualize porn addiction, which is something to be very cautious of. While this may sound hot in the moment, porn addiction is a real thing. Like any other addiction, it can take over and have a very negative impact on your daily life. Learn more about porn addiction by clicking on the button below. It tells you about getting addicted, knowing the symptoms and how to reach out for help.