Angela White taps into gooning in upcoming Brazzers blowbang

Angela White gooning

It’s a special day for the gooning porn community, as Angela White will do a special themed scene around this in a Brazzers blowbang. The studio has the trailer online and will release the scene on July 20th. It’s the first gooning scene done by a major porn studio.

Gooning is one of the newer categories in porn. It’s described as the state of mind you’re into, after masturbating or experience sexual pleasure for a long period of time. A crucial part of this is that you don’t cum. Otherwise, you’ll lose the sexual high.

Angela White is no stranger when it comes to gooning. She mentioned this relatively new sexual term in her 2019 Nympho scene ‘The Naughty List With Angela’. She also has many JOI (Jerk Off Instruction) videos around this topic and even has a special audio file called ‘Angela White program’, which is part of the Porn Addict Brainwash Program series.

Angela White does gooning in Brazzers blowbang

In this Brazzers gooning scene, Angela White brings a group of fifteen men together to tell about the pleasure of porn. She explains how porn is superior and tells you that “you love porn, and porn loves you”. With other phrases like “resistance is useless”, “porn on, brain off” and “pump, edge leak, repeat”, she triggers her gooner army to give her an immense blowbang.

Scene nameSexually Rated Programming: Blowbang
FeaturingAngela White and her fifteen men gooner army
Release dateJuly 20th, 2022
CategoriesGooning, Blowbang, Big natural tits

This scene is already the thirteenth Angela White Brazzers scene, since becoming an exclusive contract star for the studio in October 2021. In less than twelve months, she did a variety of things, including her House of Hedonism series, a gangbang and an oiled DP with Mick Blue and Zac Wild.

Gooning goes mainstream

Gooning is something major porn studios have yet to do a scene around. However, it is a common term in the fetish industry. Online stores like iWantClips show how many fetish models have videos about losing your mind and becoming a pump puppet. Angela White now taps into gooning in a ‘mainstream’ scene for Brazzers. She’s the first pornstar to do so.