Siri Dahl critiques Pornhub Awards: cancels Mindgeek shoots

Pornhub Awards Siri Dahl

Siri Dahl decides to not shoots for Mindgeek porn companies in the near future, after her Pornhub Awards nomination. She got a nomination for Favorite BBW Model, a label she actively doesn’t want. Her decision got many positive comments, including from other pornstars.

The fourth Pornhub Awards are on their way, with the nominations being in as of last Friday. Not every performer is happy with his or her nominations. Siri Dahl got one for Favorite BBW Model, but she’s been trying for almost a decade to not have that label on her. She speaks on Twitter and now chooses to – for now – cut ties with parental company Mindgeek.

Siri Dahl critiques Pornhub Awards

In a series of twelve tweets, Dahl open up about her feelings about this nomination. It starts with her rejecting the nomination, followed by an explanation about her struggles with the porn industry and the label ‘BBW’, which she doesn’t want to have.

For once, she never made videos for BBW niche companies and doesn’t use the BBW tag on Pornhub. Because the tube site never reached out to verify her nomination, Siri Dahl had no chance to reject this for the Pornhub Awards.

According to Dahl, this didn’t just cause an uncomfortable situation, but also made sure an actual BBW performer didn’t get the potential recognition. On top of that, Pornhub refers to her as ‘Siri’, instead of ‘Siri Dahl’. Since her porn comeback in 2019, she uses the name Siri Dahl. Main reason for this is to differentiate her current work from her past one.

Because of all this, it is Dahl’s decision to not work with Mindgeek related companies (such as Pornhub, Brazzers and Reality Kings) for now. In fact, she deleted all of her Pornhub videos and cancelled her scheduled shoots for Brazzers.

Responses from other performers

After her Twitter thread, she got a response from a few other nominated girls. Codi Vore – also nominated for Favorite BBW Model at the Pornhub Awards – and Kali Roses applauded her for speaking up. Romi Rain also spoke up about her MILF nomination, which is something she doesn’t want to be associated with.